A Root canal is the treatment used to save a tooth that is broken, decayed or became infected. For relief of tooth pain Copley dental emergency dentist in Boston at 617-536-4020.

Root canal procedure consists of removing and cleaning the nerve and pulp tissues from the canals inside the tooth before sealing them . Without treatment, the tooth may becomes infected and an abscess may form causing pain in the area.

What happens during a root canal procedure?

No need to be worried about the root canal procedure , it is used to treat damaged or diseased tooth.

Each year many teeth are saved with root canal procedures to relieve pain and making teeth healthy.

Before the root canal procedure we make sure that the tooth being treated with the root canal is numb therefore root canal isn’t more painful than a dental procedure such filling.

You need a root canal if :

  • Tooth is cracked.
  • Pain to chewing or biting.
  • Pain to hot and cold.
  • Swollen gum around the tooth.
  • Pimple or fistula on the gum.
  • Large decay in the tooth.
  • Large decay in the tooth

After the root canal

  • Most likely you will be numbs for 2 to 3 hours.
  • Avoid chewing or eating till the anesthesia is gone.
  • Pain medications such as acetaminophen and or ibuprofen may be taken to relieve you from the post-op discomfort of the root canal.
  • The root canal treated tooth may need further procedures such as post and core or a crown.