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Orthodontic Treatment in Boston

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  •  Align your teeth, improve your self-esteem
  •  Improve occlusion to avoid pain and fractures on your teeth
  • Aligning the teeth reduces the bad breath and improves the higyene when the orthodontic treatment finish


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Types of braces

Conventional braces

It is an inexpensive and very functional treatment.
– Colored or transparent garters are used, an
option attractive and fun
– They can be metallic and aesthetic
– Easy to replace

Self Ligating orthodontics

– They retain less food and bacterial plaque
– They can be metallic and aesthetic
– Less friction, less force, less hassle.

Aesthetic Braces

Aesthetic orthodontics is identical to the
traditional one but with hoops and brackets made
of different materials that, unlike those of metal,
are very little visible and are highly discrete, so
they do not generate the visual problem typical of
the conventional ones. – Sapphire
– Porcelain

Fractured Tooth

Aligners (clear plates) are used instead of braces,
this is the most modern, aesthetic and
comfortable treatment.
They are invisible, food does not accumulate and
allows to perform excellent oral hygiene. You won’t
have braces attached to the tooth difficulting your
teeth brushing or flossin.

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Lower Crowding

Lower crowding may be corrected with expansion, without extracting any teeth.

Deep Bite

Tooth movements can correct a bite that is very deep.

Under bite

Typical tooth movement can be used to correct a midface deficiency or under bite.

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